Future of branding


The future of branding is becoming more and more personal. It refers to brands tailoring the messaging, product or experience based on individual needs, behaviors and preferences of consumers. It has been proven to dramatically boost sales as well as customer retention.

As the global economy begins to rebound from one of the most challenging years in modern history, brands that lead with empathy—and deliver it with action—will win the hearts and wallets of customers and colleagues. After a year of personal and professional hardship in almost every industry and region, the days of merely talking about doing good in the world are over. “For-profit” organizations need to integrate a “not-for-profit” mindset into the core of their brand-building strategies and experiences.

If you’re the owner or manager of a brand, sustainability is not something you should consider. It’s something you should act on now. Our future generations will thank you for it and as a return they will buy your products. So far most companies and brands have yet to start their sustainability action plans. But moving into the future it should be a natural part of every part of your business – from product development to final product, packaging and advertising. Be responsible.

Future brands stay authentic. A quick Google tells you that Authentic means- not false or copied; genuine; real. Being authentic is what future branding is all about. No one wants a product that isn’t genuine and real. Not you, not me, not the environment, not the world. Heck, not even the universe wants products that aren’t authentic. Authentic products ans services solve real problems, they are made to last with the least possible impact on the environment. Authentic products is something the buyer is proud about meaning he or she can tell her friends about it.

Future brands include their fans. The customer is empowered. Transparency allows for anyone to make their voice heard. Your brand is entering a future where it will become harder and harder to acquire new customers while it’s easier than ever to loose your existing ones. Information is at our fingertips and a friend in a social network, a blogpost review or a comparison engine is only a keystroke away. Future brands must think customer in all steps of the value chain. Interaction with they customers is key in product and service development, not in the sense of asking people what they want, but observing behaviours and finding patterns that steers you and your brand in the right direction.

Future brands understand digital. Internet is tearing down the walls between governments, brands and people. Beyond those walls a new communication landscape emerges where the consumers rule and have got the power carry brands to the top or bury them alive. This new world is defined by technology and belongs to the people. In this world you’ve gotta listen, learn and move your brand activities from short lived campaigns to an ongoing ever-changing brand conversation where quality is key and product is king. This is the future of branding at the present time.

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